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Fine Art Canvas

Adhesive Vinyl

  • Our canvas products can be used for decorative painting, oil painting display, painting exhibition, and art reproduction after printing. Our products have different printing surfaces of high gloss and matte, which can meet the different image needs of customers.

  • The ink absorbing coating of Fine Art Canvas: uniform and flat, with no particles, bubbles, or pinholes on the surface, clear warp and weft on the cloth surface, and clear grid. The coating is firm, non peeling, non wrinkling, non cracking, and non penetrating; The color is vivid and vivid, with a strong sense of three-dimensional effect. Long term storage without deformation or discoloration; Support high-precision original oil painting copy output, strong print compatibility, bright colors, high image resolution, and strong anti-aging performance. If stroke is added appropriately, the effect will be better. Suitable for line painting and decorative painting, widely used in wedding photography studios, indoor and outdoor advertising, flag hanging, character or landscape images, traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, watercolor painting, and so on.